Research Tracker® II Add-on Modules

Add-on Price* Description Applications

Manage More Types of Data

Contact Management Module $1,300 Adds a Contacts tab to the Respondent Data screen to enter Date, Time, Recruiter, and Details of an unlimited # of respondent contacts. Reminders can be set for follow-up and various reports created. Where on-screen scheduling is used. Where recruiters want to retain notes from Respondent contacts.
Vehicle Module $750 - 2
$1,000 - 4
Adds fields for Make, Model, Year and Options of 2 or 4 Vehicles on Respondent Data subscreen. Can query on any or all of these fields. Firms who do frequent studies of vehicles.
Children's Module $1,500 Adds fields for children's first names on Respondent Data subscreen. Maintains a single record for parent and minor child(ren) but tracks participation separately for each person in household. Can query for children of specific age and gender, as well as distinguish between various children in the same household. Displays child's name along with parent's name on all recruiting lists and reports involving children. Firms who do frequent studies involving minor children. Where children are tracked by first name.

Increase Database Size

Web Registrant Form and Data Import Module Starting at $2,000 for both form & module Allows prospective respondents to register on the web. Allows data from web site to be imported into Research Tracker. Duplicate checking is performed and new records are added to the database. Existing records may also be updated. Firms who want to have prospective respondents register on their website. Firms who want to have existing respondents update information on their website.
Generalized Spreadsheet Loading Module $650 Allows data file from another source to be loaded into Research Tracker® database. Duplicate checking is performed and new records added to database. Firms who consistently obtain data files in other sources.

Improve your Bottom Line

Recruiters' Disposition Module $550 Generates reports for each recruiter based on respondent's final disposition (cancel, no show, participated, etc.). For identifying and documenting show rates by recruiter.
Facility Scheduling Module $1,750 Adds Calendar function for scheduling rooms at any number of locations. Allows scheduling for Alerts, Jobs, Client Holds, or Other activities. Rooms can be scheduled 24/7 using Hold, Confirmed, or Back-up Status. Avoids double-booking of rooms. To manage focus facility and off-site schedules.
Daily Production Module $1,000 Adds entries for up to 40 screener items per Job. Allows tracking of Bid Hours vs. Actual Recruiting Hours. Creates tally sheets for Recruiters. Allows inputs of Total Dials by Screened (DNQ by each screener item, Terminates, QBR, and Scheduled) and Non-screened (Refused, NA, Call back, etc) Calculates Incidence. Creates daily reports of Production by Recruiter for each Job. Creates Management Report which is a summary of Production Status for all active jobs. Management tool to track recruiting progress and costs.
Daily Production Module with Screener Response $1,700 All features of Daily Production Module plus ability to capture and output to Profile Grids, the individual screener responses of all scheduled respondents. For generating Profile Grids with screener responses.
Automated Daily Production Module with Screener Response $2,200 All features of above modules plus automated capture of all production data via direct input on the Job Recruitment screen. Where on-screen scheduling is used.

Secure Your Investment

Duplicate Identification and Consolidation Module $575 ID potential duplicate respondents based on the same Last Name, E-mail, Home Phone, and/or Home Address then automatically consolidate the respondent information and elimnate duplicate records. To identify and eliminate duplicate respondents in the database.
5-Tier Security Module $500** Allows Administrator to set up 5 levels of security for Research Tracker. To restrict users' access to specific areas of the system. **Included with SQL versions.
*All prices are subject to change without notice.