The Respondent Module is used to enter new respondent information and update existing records. Research Tracker II comes with a set of default descriptions and codes to make the information as clear and extensive as possible. If the default values don't meet your needs, you can easily edit them through the Maintenance module. This is just one of the many ways Research Tracker II allows you to customize the system to meet your specific requirements, at no additional cost.

Other great features to help manage respondent information include:

Main Respondent Data Screen

  • Easy Search - Locate records by Name, Phone, E-mail Address, or Respondent ID.
  • Calling Note - Indicate calling preferences for respondent to minimize disturbing at the wrong time of day.
  • Age - Research Tracker II automatically calculates and updates respondent's age based on the entered Date of Birth.
  • Classification - Segments respondents (e.g. Consumers, Executives, and Professionals) so the appropriate type is selected.
  • Ineligible - Excludes a respondent from all future jobs and indicate why but still keep them in your database.
  • Caution - Gives recruiters, hostesses, and moderators a "heads up" about certain respondents.
  • Profile - Quickly generates a 2-page summary of all data regarding a respondent, including their participation history.
  • Multi-Select Fields - Allows you to define up to 50 completely customizable multiple category fields. These categories can be queried on and changed an any  time, giving you flexibility to customize the system to your specific needs.

Respondent household info tab

Use the Respondent Menu tabs to store even more information, such as:

  • Work Info - Keep track of respondent's employer,  occupation title, work address and fax information.
  • Household Info - Home address and children information for the respondent are entered here. This sub-screen also displays the names, gender, and ages of other household members who are in the database.
  • Respondent Past Participation - Research Tracker® II automatically updates this screen when a job is closed, recording the date, job number, session, and other details.
  • Notes - An open text box where miscellaneous information about the respondent can be entered.
  • Yes/No Fields - Customize the system at no additional cost. Define up to 50 Yes/No fields and query on any of them.
  • Referral Info - Lets you link non-household members to one another. For example, you can make sure adult sisters don't get scheduled for the same group.

The Respondent Reports Menu also offers a number of options including Participation ReportsReports by DateFrequency Distributions, and Caution/Ineligible Respondent Reports.