Effective job management can make the difference between a profitable project and a money loser.  Research Tracker® II offers power management tools to increase speed and accuracy while reducing management costs.

Job Roster

  • Email blasting to potentially qualifying respondents gives them the opportunity to “self -recruit” themselves.  They can either contact your office or be directed to an online screener.
  • Lists provided by your client can be easily compared to your database to identify matches between them.  If desired, the client supplied list can be temporarily loaded into your database for recruiting purposes.
  • Top Line spreadsheets can be generated and updated as recruiting continues to keep your clients up to date with progress being made.  Data already in your database is combined with unique project screener questions to drastically reduce preparation time.
  • Email confirmations are simple with Research Tracker® II and can be customized to say and look exactly the way you want them to.  Date, time, location and what they will be paid are easy to incorporate in the reminder and result in higher group attendance.
  • Complete “Day of the Group” documents are easy to create with just a few mouse clicks.  Sign in sheets, hostess rosters, moderator feedback documents as well as respondent profile sheets are all standard outputs.
  • Upon the project completion, each respondent’s participation history is fully updated with a single mouse click.
  • Follow-up studies are easily handled by Research Tracker® II, where previous project participants can be assembled for re-contact.